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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 3, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> temperatures could include rain. when to expect showers in my sky watch forecast. >> and taxing soda to pay for health care reform. the price you might have to pay for your you might have to pay for your favorite
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>> hello. >> baltimore city police are investigating a string of recent rapes. first happened october 20 and there were 5 over halloween weekend. >> keith standing by live in east baltimore where there are few clues tonight and still no suspect. keith? e-well, police are looking for a connection in some of those attacks. some of them happened during burglaries. others at bus stop. one of the attack happened here on harper avenue. police say there have been 8 attacks that date back to at least october 20 when a man entered a house at the 1700 block of barkley street. detective say he hid behind a crib, tied up and gagged the man and sexually assaulted his girlfriend in front of him. now 5 days later another break in. and rape happened in the 300 block of east lafayette. 2 blocks away from the barkley home. police call it isolated incident but not ruling out the possibility that all of the attacks could be related.
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crimes have neighbors on edge. >> it's very disturbing because just like you have mentioned with the strength of rapes, i catch the bus all the time myself and my daughter sometimes just us by ourselves. it's very disturbing make me want to be aware of my surroundings because you never know who is watching. >>reporter: we are back here live. investigators say all of the bus stop attack happened along the no. 19 route in the eastern district. now police have stepped up patrol including deploying a plain clothes unit in the are area. of course we have more on the story tonight at 10:00. for now live in east baltimor baltimore, fox free for all friday news at 5:30. baltimore teenager pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of her grandmother. 18-year-old handy sentenced to residential program in the juvenile just stem until she turned 21. handy had been accused of causing the heart attack that killed 69-year-old woman last
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september. the 2 had gotten into a fight that led to a heart attack. >> judge rules between brother accused of setting fear to a pit bull in south west baltimore will be tried as adults. travis and german johnson both 17 are charged with dousing phoenix the dog in gasoline and setting the animal on fire. it happened back in may. the doing had to be euthanized. essex man says it was a tragic accident but tonight he's accused of murder in the death of his girlfriend's 15 month old child. karen live at the scene with more on why police say this death was intentional. karen. >>reporter: baltimore county police tell me that a 15 month old baby was killed inside this building right here behind me at the apartment complex here in essex. this past sunday. child's mother at work and left her son in the care of her boyfriend 21-year-old brian savage. police say savage had no history of child abuse and they tell me the mother had no reason not to leave her child
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with him and will not be charged in this case. investigators say savage who lived here with his girlfriend in the 14 had you block of edgewood drive in essex called 911 sunday evening claiming 15 month old cameron williams was unresponsive. savage who is a convicted felon says he went to bed with the boy and accidentally rolled on top of him, but police say his story was not consistent with the child injuries. >> the autopsy turned up some pretty difficult symptoms. internal injuries. lung. spleen. liver. significant bruising and cuts. which child had been very badly abused. >>reporter: savage has been charged with first degree murder and tonight being held at the baltimore couldn't detention center. bail has been denied. reporting live here in essex, karen parks fox 45 news at 5:30. newspaper reporter from the uk covering crime in the city of baltimore doesn't have to wait too long. 15 minutes after arriving in town sunday
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mark hughes covered a shooting on north milton in east baltimore. he writes for the independent. london base newspaper. hughes is covering baltimore crimes because hbo the wire which of course took place in baltimore is very popular in england. >> very nice region similar to every city has its bad areas unfortunately bad areas are prone to huge rating tv show syndicated across the globe and that's everybody impression of baltimore. >>reporter: hughes requested a one-on-one interview with mayor dixon and police commissioner. so far no luck. >> the investigators zero in on the owners of a howard county home where gunfire erupted at halloween party over the weekend. shooting left one man dead. another paralyzed. kathleen tells us why the homeowners could now face charges. kathleen. >>reporter: the homeowners are facing some financial difficulties according to court records. now they may face a long list of
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violations. the shooting occurred at a home in columbia that had been rented out for the party. aaron bryce was killed. nate trek was shot and left permanently paralyze. tonight his mother tells us he credit some stranger with saving his life. meanwhile howard county authorities are examining the homeowner for possible zoning, health, zoning, health, liquor and fire violations. >> we are looking at every available law on our books today to find a way to go after the owners of the house. whether zoning violation. running a business in a residential neighborhood. we need to have more information, research to be able to prove that. >>reporter: the accused shooter dixon appeared for a bail review from jail today. dixon told the judge he would not need a public defender. he plans to get his own attorney. no family or friends showed up in court on dixon's behave. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. johns hopkins university
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remembers the student killed in a hit-and-run. students and faculty gathered on campus today for memorial service for the junior in the creek school of arts and sciences. she died october 17th after she was struck at saint paul university parkway. >> many of the students and those who knew her from this community were not able to travel to her funeral. this is a way of remembering one of our own. >>reporter: thomas charged with several traffic offense including leaving the scene of an accident. prosecutor could still file additional charge of manslaughter. next week mayor dixon stands trial on theft charges so what is the rest of the week this week hold for the mayor? she made it very clear she does not plan to step counsel during her trial. also word the mayor has no intention whatsoever of coming a plea agreement. >> the rumors are what you say
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they are. they are rumors. ever since this investigation started and ever since the indictment came down the mayor has always said claimed her innocence and she will be exonerated of these charges. >>reporter: tonight at 10:00 we take a much closer look at where the mayor stands, what she stands to gain by cutting a plea deal and what she stands of course to lose. >> how are the roads looking tonight. kandace has the traffic edge report. kandace. >>reporter: thank you jennifer. it is the evening rush. you can see from the average speeds it is on but so far not too bad on the jfx and 95 look at the speeds 55 miles per hour but definitely drops on the top end of the belt way 52 miles per hour there in the overly and drops even farther down in towns end at 13 miles per hour. now that is because of an accident on the inner loop lanes at karen parkway. the good news it's finally in the clearing stages. unfortunately its left us with annoying ride in the red from pikesville all the way up to rose scene there exactly what it looks like on 695 at green
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spring avenue. string of brake lights and cars coming on the outer loop lane as well. west side is incident free so far so good from 7 95 heading did you know to 70 to kateville area as well but then a crash on the inner loop lanes near 95 and that takes out one lane in the south west corner. that's a look at the corner. that's a look at the evening , now over to you. >> thank you. today was great but you are in for a shock like winter tonight. >> up next. vytas tells us just how cold it is going to get this evening. >> taxing soda to pay for health care. how much the idea would cost you next. hi.
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without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more. . >> attorneys for convicted sniper mohammad plan to appeal to the u.s. supreme court to stop his execution. he is set to die by lethal injection november 10. he was one of 10 people killed during the dc sniper shootings seven years
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ago. . >> election day in some states n.virginia and new jersey voters electing governors and in new york there is a heated race for republican held congressional seat. many see today race as one of the clear first test of president obama's political affect. our coverage continues. we have live election results coming up tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. 900 pill dollar health reform measure touted by house speaker pelosi would actually cost at least 1.2 trillion dollars. since the plan announced last week democrats added millions more for public health and preventive service. one comments are causing a lot of controversy. >> i believe we have more to fear from the potential of that bill passing than we do from any terrorist right now
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in any country. >>reporter: democratic national committee called fox comments outrageous. mean time house majority leader lawyer hopes debate can start this week. as they look for ways to pay for health care reform members of congress are considering a tax on sugar soft drink. lawmakers see the idea of 2 possible ben if it to provide revenue directed to health care and it might help change americans addiction to sugar. the tax penny an ounce would add 12 to 20 cents on the average soda. that brings us to our question of the day. should the government impose a tax on soft drink. go to our web site and let us know what you think. also sound off on face book. send us a tweet at fox baltimore and text your answer to 4 5 2 03 and a.for yes and b.for no. response might air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. apparently we have a very cool evening ahead of us.
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vytas tells us how low the temperatures will go. >> it will be a chilly one out there but talking about nice dry conditions which is good news. on the radar showing clear conditions if out there towards the park great day out at the park downtown looking at nice clear conditions and all around the state dry conditions as we scan the skies. no activity out there as we head through the overnight. only activity we are talking about is chillier temperatures settling in especially in the outlying areas around the city. 61 degrees in baltimore but looks like we have 61 in washington. 55 in hagerstown. 39 in oakland but the temperatures will be dropping down into the lower 40's in the city and see the temperatures dropping down into the lower 30's mid 30's in some of the outlying counties so the national weather service issued a frost advisory including northern baltimore county and points west as we have the chance to see frost and on the eastern shore looking at a little bit of frost and may have to scrape the windshield for morning rush hour commute and coastal flood watch on the
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western portion of the chesapeake bay so looks like we have a little bit of coastal flooding early morning hours and high tide. now talk about the wind right now coming out of the north at anywhere from about 5 to 10 miles per hour so cool air settling in out of the northwest and that is contributing factor to the temperatures dropping as we see the chilly canadian air settle in. here's what it looks like tonight. clear skies. temperatures downtown baltimore at about 42 degrees. get outside on the belt way temperatures down into the mid to lower 30's. probably the coldest night of the year for many people kicking on the heat tonight and probably throwing extra blanket on the bed. winds out of the north at 5 to 10 and we also have the frost developing in outlying areas potential. when the next rain areeves and get the sun glasses ready and good weekend ahead. back to you. >> thanks. >> with the mercury dropping experts say it ace good time to begin winterizing your home. jeff is in west baltimore inside a home this got the winter treatment today. jeff?
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>>reporter: that's right. we are right here in west baltimore where volunteers spent all day making a few key changes in the basement that will make a lot of difference this winter. rebuilding together baltimore a group that volunteers to help do all this work. exactly what have you done to this house to make a difference? >> well, jeff, we try to focus on the areas where the most energy is lost in the home. one of the places we started was her hot water heater. put the insulating blanket that costs 20 dollars around the heater. pay for itself in about three months. you can imagine how much the savings it will have over several years. basically helps to keep the hot water in here hot and keep it from having to reheat itself several times throughout the day. we put in some insulation up here along the rim joyce. did this around the perimeter of the basement to keep the hot air from escaping the house and keep it from being drafty. already feel it being warmer
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here. >>reporter: one of the key i hope greed gentleman was lighting. >> key. compact fluorescent light bulb. change and one-third of the energy and last years instead of months. and it will help her save significantly on her energy bills. >>reporter: 3 key things that can save you hundreds of dollars during the winter. talk to you more tonight at 10:00. for now live in west baltimore. news at 5:30. eventing jeff. thanks so much. when it comes to news in your neighborhood see it shoot it send it. up load photo and video to our web site go there and click on the see it shoot it accepted it icon. also send photographs directly from your cell phone to pick at fox still ahead at 5:30. find out how you can sing along with the cast of glee. whenever you whenever you want. ♪ .
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>> soon it will be more than pleasing the judges on so you think you can dance. this is the last week they will be the only ones weighing in. after the judges alone vote off 2 finalist this week, america will then weigh in and only going to get tougher as the dance ertion move outside their comfort zone. >> the judges have said about certain styles and routines, what the judges are looking for. give it to us. it's that simple. >> i think the group of
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dancers is the most educated about the show meaning they watched this the motion and they have to raise their performance levels. >>reporter: so put your feet up and get into the groove tonight. 8:00 p.m. right here of course open fox 45. maybe you sing along with the cast of fox hit show glee every week. now you can hear the infectious sound whenever you feel like moving to the beat. music is out on a sand track. obvious tee mandy for the album over all people already down loaded more than two million songs from the show. the cast is amaid that the music is in such high demand. >> really strange. really odd. we are sitting in our own living room watching the show can't really put your head around that millions of other people are watching it. we are all new to this so it is really cool. >>reporter: watch new episodes of glee wednesday at 9:00 rig
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>> welcome back i'm bruce cunningham. regular tuesday off for the ravens begin putting in the game plan for the bengals tomorrow. goes without saying that this is a crucial game. bengals are one of the most unlikely success stories in the nfl this season. they shocked the ravens in baltimore october 11 and then beat the steelers as well. currently tied with petersburg top the afc north. win this sunday can help solidify their position. a ravens win can put them right back in the race. suffice to say there is a lot open the line this sunday. >> this game matters no doubt about it. this game matters so it matters a lot for us. they can probably survive a loss. we can survive a
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loss, too. but it will make more interesting if we go down there and win. >> get one win that's all we want. 3 game winning streak or 3 game losing streak, let's uses get the next game. mind set that we have taken thus far. we need to take. >>reporter: and remember you can be part of the next play book i'll be joined by my co-host and our guest defensive end price tonight at 7:00 o'clock at the espn zone. if you are near the inner harbor swing by play book tonight at 7:00. phillies meet the -- beat the yeast to force game 6 in the bronx tomorrow and we preview. that big news from the blast all coming up tonight on sports unlimited. back to you. >> thank you bruce. >> apparently in for a rude awakening. >> yes let's find out through vytas. how much of a rude awakening will we upped go. >> let's talk bit. very chilly temperatures coming in
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over central maryland. bundle up and stay warm. 58 degrees. nice sunset mainly clear out there. wind out of the northwest at 9. humidity level 42 percent. talk about the temperatures. future temperatures here on our future scan putting this into motion you can see we settle into the overnight the temperatures especially in the outlying counties down into the mid to lower 30's this is where we can see some frost developing especially in the outlying areas around the belt outlying areas around the belt way. maybe upper 30's or 40's
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